Misconceptions Prevailing With Acne

March 22nd, 2014

When pimple start popping up, it is important to separate facts with fiction. There are several misconceptions that people possess about Acne, and this is something that definitely needs to be cleared. There are many people who are of the view that putting toothpaste on the spot can work, but it is a good idea not to try out such things. It can often result in negative reactions.

There are no advanced studies that prove the fact that eating chocolates can increase the condition of Acne. It is true that food containing dairy and sugar are often responsible for worsening the condition, but this does not hold true for chocolates every time.

There is also a common belief that working out increases Acne breakouts. It is true to some extent due to the fact that sweat production enhances the condition. However, this condition can always be eliminated by cleansing the face after every workout

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